how to make line designs

Adobe anticipated the need for arrows and integrated start and end graphics for its line tool, so you can make your own arrows. Unfortunately, you cannot modify the size of these graphics, ... More

how to make mincemeat tarts from a jar

Moose meat is great in mincemeat pie.hard to find a butcher in the city that sells suet.i did find one butcher,but they wanted a ridcoulious i bought a jar of premade mincemeat … ... More

how to get a pay raise

Here are our top tips for planning and executing a strategy to help you get you the pay rise you deserve. Timing is everything Asking for a raise can be disruptive for employers, so it's essential ... More

how to make space cakes with green

I layered pink and orange cakes and wanted white frosting to peek out from inside and make the pink and orange colors pop. On the outside I put a layer of light orange frosting to be the base of the cake. ... More

how to make your own sink in animaljam

1/08/2016 · In today's video, I teach you the dos and don'ts of making your own main look. I hope you enjoy! SUBSCRIBE & CHECK OUT MY OTHER VIDEOS!: https://www.youtub... ... More

how to make your own radio station on apple music

If Apple Music, the new curated radio stations, and the Connect social features are successful with users, this could be the first music streaming service that truly embraces smaller artists. What ... More

how to run faster mario odyssey

The best place to farm gold coins in Super Mario Odyssey is by heading to Bowsers Kingdom and fast-traveling to the Beneath the Keep checkpoint. Once here, turn around and go to Marios right. ... More

how to make a video from snap shots

One small feature of the program is to take a snapshot of a video while playing or when paused. Other than taking a snapshot, there isnt much else to the feature. Other than taking a snapshot, there isnt much else to the feature. ... More

how to change your windows version to play game

※Updating your NVIDIA graphic drivers to the latest version is recommended ※Required to change your screen setting resolution to「3840x2160」(4K) ※DLSS is … ... More

how to make video game videos with commentary

You can make the argument that uploading game footage with commentary falls into some element of fair use. If you're doing nothing but uploading the game (especially if it's a linear game where the outcome is always the same) and you do it to completion, you are basically facilitating people to not buy the game. ... More

how to play pokemon moon on mac

How To Play Pokemon Go Latest News on NDTV Find How To Play Pokemon Go News Articles, Video Clips and Photos, Pictures on How To Play Pokemon Go and see more latest updates, news ... More

how to play come said the boy on guitar

come said the boy etc till end of chorus. listen to the song for the timing as the words are dragged out a bit, you can then get the changes right. submitted by scruff out of shoreham, melbourne. LISTEN TO THE SONG FOR THE TIMING AS THE WORDS ARE DRAGGED OUT A BIT, YOU CAN THEN GET THE CHANGES RIGHT. ... More

how to make taskbar color white

21/11/2018 · Through some tweaking on the default Aero theme to make it look like AeroLite, like the minimize/maximize/close buttons with black outlines, and now it's pretty much how I wanted, only for the taskbar font color, which is white. ... More

how to make fried oreos with funnel cake mix

It wasn't bad but I might add some vanilla or something to the pancake mix next time. kats June 30, 2006 Easier to make using funnel cake mix (use a little less water than recipe requires) and use a fry daddy. ... More

how to make one video from different ones

But if you took all of those lightbulbs together, and said "Let's make each sequence of On-and-Off represent a different number!" Well then, you could get some pretty large numbers. Well then, you could get some pretty large numbers. ... More

how to make sweet yogurt in microwave

Bhapa Doi -- Steamed Sweet Yogurt A ugust is a month of celebration and merriment around home. It is also a time to take a breather from the pursuit of happiness and be happy with what already exists . ... More

how to make space on instagram post

As you post your image to Instagram, you can simultaneously post it to other accounts, including Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr, but I dont recommend that you sync to Twitter. When you sync Instagram and Twitter, the tweets appear as links and your followers wont ... More

how to put an icing bag together

13/12/2010 What is the best type of icing to use to glue together a gingerbread house? fill a pastry bag with the icing. If you don't have a pastry bag, you can make your own with a re-sealable plastic freezer bag, just cut off the tip (a small cut) of one of the corners of the bag. Plastic or metal piping tips are available in supermarkets which you can also use with a freezer bag, for more ... More

how to make money off hearthstone

Arena works first and foremost because drafting like this is a great way to play a card game, and especially good with Hearthstone, where you start off with not … ... More

how to raise hair in bdo

In India root volume wasn't important, but the hair was supposed to be sleek and smooth (like this or this hair product ad, compare to an European ad, incidentally it has Leighton Meester in it, ahhh). East Asian hair can look amazing when it's straight, heavy and, yes, flat. ... More

how to make a muffler gasket

Purchasing a new gasket from AutoZone eliminates annoying engine sounds, restores your engine's power and averts exhaust leaks within the cast-iron exhaust manifold and the exhaust pipe. Whether you're upgrading your exhaust pipe gasket for Mustang or repairing your Ford F-250 exhaust seal, you can easily find the perfect component for your exact make and model when you shop with AutoZone. ... More

how to make voice sound high quality audacity

I use a Lenovo T420 laptop with Windows 10. Itll be more complicated if you want an on-body microphone while youre demonstrating physical activities; most people use wireless lavaliere mics which can be expensive. ... More

how to prepare solar panel

3/10/2018 · Make solar panels yourself, it will cost you 20 (!) times cheaper. Charging for a smartphone of 10 of these cells - ... More

how to make it rain maker

Greetings everyone! This is DRXeno, developer of JAOD Project, and I am presenting a Day/Night feature to you. This Day/Night feature is most suitable for overworlds where there exists a trigger switch that can be activated when the gamer is on the overworld, and then deactivated once they enter a scene i.e. town, forest, cave, ect. ... More

how to remember polyatomic ions charges

Polyatomic ions are a group of elements that are COVALENTLY BONDED, but are still not happy in terms of their electrons. Because of this, the molecule tries to give and take electrons just like an unhappy element. ... More

how to play ssbm online

Many Melee players have felt the frustration of having no options for online play. The game came out in 2001, well before online console play. ... More

how to prepare shawarma at home

At Spinning Grillers, we would like to offer you a quick tutorial on how to prepare your own shawarma spit. This technique can be used for chicken shawarma, beef shawarma, doner kebab, gyro, and tacos al pastor. Now you have to read on, right? It’s an all-in-one! ... More

how to make your dog big and muscular

24/01/2012 · They are either going to be big dogs or they aren't, genetics plays a big part. One of my dogs I swear has 0% body fat but big muscular hind legs and he isn't only any sort of training or special diets, infact he spends most of the day sleeping on the couch. ... More

how to say second year of university in french

French 362 is designed to follow French 201 or a full first-year university French course. This course continues the study of French grammar, and the expansion of vocabulary through the study of short stories and films. The student will improve both written and spoken French through conversation, comprehension, grammar, and composition. ... More

how to play against smith morra gambit

Let this game be a lesson for us all: · When you play white with the Smith Morra Gambit, never develop your pieces automaticly. The setup with Bc4, Qe2, Rd1 is good in many lines, but know the exeptions. The Nge7 is such an exeption! · Remember the old wisdom: "When you see a good move, look for a better one!" Now I will give you a game to show you how the Nge7 defence should be … ... More

how to make a fake leg cast

6/11/2017 · what you will need:duck tape ,a sock ,scissors and cotton balls ... More

how to make an image slightly transparent in kagerou ffxiv

That is the magic of FFXIV, to be able to create factions that you care deeply about… without the feeling of needing to somehow be “against” another faction in the process. I … ... More

how to prepare colour for block printing

Hand Block Printing Hand block printing is a centuries old Indian art form that utilizes a hand carved teak wood block that is dipped in dye and stamped by hand onto cotton or silk. The design for the block is usually a traditional Indian motif. ... More

how to open a kmz file without google earth

It works no differently than using Google Earth to create the map. It is a custom kmz map that only works with the new generation GPS units. It will allow you to create the KMZ file from It is a custom kmz map that only works with the new generation GPS units. ... More

how to make a rope halter for a foal

Do use a long enough rope (8 to 10 feet is standard) in good repair. An all-cotton rope may be easier on your hands, as synthetic ropes "burn" more when drawn rapidly across skin. ... More

how to make a 50s dress

I recently received a letter from an older gentleman who wanted to know how a man in his 50s should be planning his wardrobe. Well I decided to shoot this style video and give him 5 style tips I've learned helping mature men around the world dress better. ... More

how to make a squeaky toy for dogs

Entertained your dogs with our best indestructible and squeaky dog toys in Lucky pet Supplies. We offer free deliveries! 1800 565 333 586 Barkly St, West Footscray, VIC 3012 . Cart 0 items ... More

roblox how to make someone an owner in your group

Roblox also gives you the opportunity to meet new and like-minded people online and form a community. Roblox Studio also gives the kids an opportunity to show their creativity by letting them design their own games and characters. ... More

how to make a basic wood manger

15/11/2012 · Simple Wooden Nativity I just used a large bowl as my pattern to keep it simple, and it was perfect. Drape the burlap, flat side on her forehead. Make sure that both sides are even at the bottom. Tack it in place on either side, about where her ears would be. Add a large dollop of hot glue to her chest and pull around both sides and tack them down. WARNING: The hot glue will seep right ... More

how to use google forms to make a quiz

Autograded quizzes — If you create a quiz or other assessment with closed-ended questions, Google Forms will autograde it for you. Create your quiz and click the gear (settings) button. Choose the “Quizzes” tab and turn on “Make this a quiz”. You have some options in that window. Then, go through your questions and select the correct answer (your answer key). 8. Quizzes with Flubaroo ... More

how to open abbu file in windows

In the case that your ABU file doesn't open, it is highly likely that you do not have the correct software application installed on your PC to view or edit ABU file extensions. If your PC opens the ABU file, but it's the wrong application, you'll need to change your Windows registry file association settings. ... More

how to make aluminium oxide powder

Alumina Powder, Aluminium Oxide, Calcined Alumina Powder manufacturer / supplier in China, offering High Purity Aluminium Oxide Powder Nano Al2O3 Alumina Powder Price, Perlite for Steelmaking Slag-Removing Perlite, Special Perlite Sand for Brake Pads and so on. ... More

how to make starbucks iced caramel macchiato

27/12/2018 To make a macchiato coffee, start by brewing a shot of espresso. If you don't have an espresso maker, you can brew a strong pot of coffee instead. Next, pour some cold milk into a tall metal container and use the steam wand to heat the milk. Steam until the milk increases in volume and the container is hot. Once done, pour your steamed milk into your espresso. Then, use a spoon to scoop a ... More

how to make powerpoint presentation easy to follow

How to make a timeline in powerpoint? You can follow the simple guide to create a timeline in PowerPoint. The Easiest Steps to make a timeline in PowerPoint You Should Try . Here we take making a timeline in PowerPoint 2007 as an example. If you want to make a timeline in PowerPoint 2013/2010/2016, you can still take it as your reference. Create or open an existing PowerPoint file and Create ... More

how to make a potato chip costume

Chip on Your Shoulder Costume ($20): An actual CHIP on your shoulder? So good. So good. Party Pooper Costume : You don’t want to take this one too literally, so some poop emojis on your party hat is the perfect way to put together the look. ... More

how to make an ubuntu boot usb

Create a Bootable Boot-Repair USB disk drive in Ubuntu, Linux Mint, and elementary OS STEP 1: Plugin a blank USB flash drive of at least 1 GB capacity to the PC. STEP 2: Download Boot ... More

how to make e catalogue free

Free catalog templates make it fast and easy to design and print professional catalogs that boost sales. 1 Consider these facts: In 2016, more than 100 million U.S. adults, or 31% of the population, ]]> made a catalog purchase ]]> ... More

how to order list of dataframes in r

Merging two data.frame objects in R is very easily done by using the merge function. While being very powerful, the merge function does not (as of yet) offer to return a merged data.frame that preserved the original order of, one of the two merged, data.frame objects. ... More

how to make a chocolate frappuccino

28/05/2014 Forget about heading to Starbucks for coffee fix and make your own mocha Frappuccino at home! Today Im making homemade Starbucks mocha Frappuccino. ... More

my fit pod how to record run

To play lossless FLAC on your iPod, select ALAC - Apple Lossless Audio Codec(*.m4a) from the "General Audio" category. To play lossy FLAC on your iPod, select MP3 - MPEG Layer - 3 Audio(*.mp3) from the " General Audio " category. ... More

how to make the 100 emoji

Watch video To show off your newly created emoji masterpiece, either send the emoji directly to the social media app of your choosing. Or If youre having a conversation in an app already, change the ... More

how to open a sony headset

If the headset detects a problem while charging due to following causes, the indicator (red) may turn off, although charging is not complete. In this case, charge again within the charging temperature range. If the problem persists, consult your nearest Sony dealer. ... More

how to play send in the clowns guitar

Mick's Guitar Tabs. Click on the links below to view and download samples from my arrangements! Samples of Chord Melody Arrangements. Samples of Christmas Arrangements . Click on the "Song Title" to watch a YouTube video. Click on the "Buy Now" button to purchase the guitar tab. I will send an email with the PDF guitar tab. Enjoy Playing the Guitar! Thank You!~Mick. Special Offer: ... More

how to make your own gymnastics equipment at home

You will save save hundreds building your own Home Multi Gym from common materials. This is the best collection of design blueprints for building your own weight training equipment. These simplified design plans allow you to make your own equipment just from wood. The bill of materials tells you exactly how many, and what size pieces there are. The lumber and materials can be purchased at … ... More

how to make a number 60 birthday cake

Find great deals on eBay for 60 cake topper. Shop with confidence. ... More

how to say eat in italian

Translations How to say EAT in Italian? it; e?t; esp. Brit. ?t; ?it n EAT Would you like to know how to translate EAT to Italian? This page provides all possible translations of the word EAT in the Italian ... More

how to put music on your iphone using itunes

If you don't want iTunes to automatically transfer music to your iPhone, it's possible to configure the program for manual syncing. This method offers more control over what iTunes syncs to your iPhone. Before you can do this, you'll first need to switch from the default automatic mode. To see how this is done, follow these steps: Near the top of the main iTunes screen, click on the Summary ... More

how to remember sustainable development goals

Sustainable Development Goals within Planetary Boundaries”, by Jörgen Randers, Johan Rockström and Per-Espen Stoknes, is the forty-sixth report of its kind. ... More

how to move code up in xcode

19/09/2017 The app behaved correctly up to the point where you used the apps UI to run the new code. You know what new code you added to the source. To further isolate the cause, you can set breakpoints in the code. ... More

how to make a baby sunhat

Free Crochet Sun Hat Patterns! December 11, 2012 By Corina 6 Comments. Shortly after learning how to crochet, I searched the web for a simple sun hat pattern. It didn’t take long for me to realize I was going to have to pay for one or write one myself. The great thing about sun hats is that they are great all year long! Even in the winter, especially when on a long car ride on a sunny day ... More

how to make the video shorter in rawshorts

9/12/2017 Make another piece for your shorts using the same pinning and cutting method used for the first piece. Fold your fabric in half and lay your pattern out ... More

how to make pie shell from scratch

Tuck the over lapping pie crust under to make a nice ridge. Later on, right before the pie is finished baking, you're going to pour heavy cream over the top. ... More

how to play sudoku effectively

Well you can either play it online there are many sites now that have this game available for people to play and to learn how to play. Or you will find not only complete Sudoku puzzle books available in shops but also most of the national newspapers now have a Sudoku game that you can play. ... More

how to make a zazu puppet

Zazu Lion King Jr. Costume and puppet design angie wood click to see how i made this puppet!!! . Visit They could be headpieces or the face could be attached to a hose that would swing in front of the student's head to create that "slinky" kind of look. Like the hats on Scar's army of hyenas. We should look into this to see how they are made. Hailey Newton. musical. Lion King Play Lion ... More

how to prepare food for an eclectus parrots

Charismatic and intelligent, the initial shy nature of the eclectus parrot belies their rather large personalities. Pet suitability: Not for beginners. Eclectus parrots require a large amount of attention, training and experience. Anyone thinking of taking home an eclectus should first make sure that they are ready for this commitment and have ample time to spend with their bird. Eccys are one ... More

how to make a crows beak mask

... More

how to play star wars empire at war online

12/12/2008 · I try to play online with the game and it doesn't work. When I try to connect, it says that I need an authentication CD-key code. I already entered the right code when I installed the game. I even have an account at X-fire. I heard someone say before that I need to subscribe for multiplayer. I think I did that, and if I didn' ... More

how to make candied peel for fruit cake

Make your own candied orange or lemon peel by removing the skins from the fruit and slicing them into narrow strips. After blanching and draining the strips three times, replace the blanching water with equal parts fresh water and sugar. ... More

how to make your own ringtone for iphone 5

Want to make an iPhone ringtone with your own music? Just follow the step-by-step instructions below. Make sure to start out with songs that are mp3s or are otherwise Just follow the step-by-step instructions below. ... More

how to say in italian 13

5/08/2016 Here are some of my tips for how to pronounce words in Italian. Concentrate on the pronunciation of vowels and how, contrary to English, the stress of Italian words is at the beginning of the word ... More

how to make money on youtube per view

YouTube pays per view, however, it’s most likely that someone with 10,000 subscribers has higher chances to get 1,000 views than someone with 1,000 subscribers. What comes to advertisers, they only pay when subscribers click ads or watch a video for half a minute. This means that if your video gets millions of views but no one clicks on the ads, you won’t make any money. ... More

how to make a homemade ice cream shake

Shake and Make Ice Cream. print recipe. email recipe. save recipe. add photo. add review #35583; No ice cream maker? No problem. Shaking a bag of rock salt and ice with sugar, milk, and whatever flavorings or topping you're feeling is a phenomenally fun way to make a sweet scoop at home. serves/makes: ready in: under 30 minutes ingredients. 2 tablespoons sugar 1 cup milk or half-and-half ... More

how to make a wooden sluice box

how to make a wooden sluice box - CUSTOM MADE RIFFLE SETS only what I have found works well, efficiently, and is cheap to build and operate. ... More

how to play install sotware off usb

Step 2 – Install the AUSkey software Plug your USB stick into your computer. Double-click on the file you have just downloaded and follow the prompts to install the software on your USB stick. ... More

how to read palm lines with pictures

Palmistry is the art of characterizing or foretelling the future through the reading of palm lines. Though there are certainly many variations and techniques when it comes to interpreting the meani... ... More

how to make a chicken pizza at home

[ January 10, 2019 ] Chicken Pozole Recipe How to Make Pozole Chicken Pizza Recipe [ January 10, 2019 ] Making Home Homemade Recipes How to make homemade pizza at the campground using Camp Chef pizza oven How to make homemade pizza at the campground using Camp Chef pizza oven. January 9, 2019 John Homemade Recipes 2. Previous. PROVO PER LA PRIMA VOLTA DOMINOS PIZZA ... More

bulimia how to make yourself throw up

To the above poster: I too used to throw up every single morning and most of the day during my two pregnancies. It was so bad i lived on crackers, ginger ale and prenatal vitamins for the first 3 … ... More

how to make your own vine video

Make your own family tree-vine July 03, 2017 Researching your family tree is always interesting for kids, so show them how to make their very own real family tree on a living vine! ... More

how to make islamic patterns

What others are saying "Science behind Islamic patterns, a perfect cross curricular match." "Hexagon patterns This only reminds me of. You guessed it. ... More

how to open milk carton

A .gif image tagged with and ; uploaded by theJoshuaAdam. How to open a milk carton ... More

how to make a cable snare

For this type of snare, you can easily buy the cable/wire that is already set for use as a snare. With this snare package, you can use it to catch anything from raccoons and squirrels to coyotes and hogs. ... More

how to make system restore

Click the System Restore tab to see the following: To activate System Restore, make sure there is NO tick in the box "Turn off System Restore on all drives". Clicking the Settings button just brings up a box with a slider on it. ... More

how to make a pillowcase dress

Just wanted to let you know, I made my 3 year old daughter a pillowcase dress following your directions, and it turned out so cute! There are 100s (maybe 1000s) of how-to directions out there, but yours was perfect for the kind of person I am: crafty, but not perfect! ... More

how to safely receive litecoin cash fork reddit

What the hell is a Bitcoin fork? We discussed Bitcoin forks back when Bitcoin Cash was just coming out. If you want the full explanation, you can read the original post. If you want the quick and dirty explanation, keep on reading this post. A fork is basically an alteration of the current ... More

youtube how to make twitch banner

Just choose the type of banner you want, be it a Facebook banner, a YouTube banner or any kind of banner. We'll make sure it is pixel perfect. We'll make sure it … ... More

how to move into politics australia

Source: Productivity Commission, Migrant Intake into Australia, figure 12.3, page 416 The commission’s chart shows the many different migration pathways, including arrival on a temporary or permanent visa, the granting of onshore visas to people already here, … ... More

how to make a cardboard box car project for school

DIY Kids Car for Under $10 Nothing like a creative challenge to get my brain working and what could be more fun than following up Immys beloved cardboard box play kitchen with the next DIY Kids project a car. ... More

how to make stone bricks factorio

8/07/2017 · This 0.15 unmodded campaign will focus on designing an effective "vanilla" factory without using any mods and explaining why and how to build efficiently. ... More

how to make couscous not soggy

There are so many things that make this Pesto Couscous salad special. Firstly, the use of pesto, to flavour the plain old couscous. The we add depth, texture, colour and more flavour. You can be as adventurous or as conservative as your taste dictates, when it comes to the filling for this salad. Here, our Pesto Couscous ... More

how to make money box at home easy

Find and save ideas about Money bank on Pinterest. See more ideas about Money tree locations, Harvest bank and Insta save. DIY and crafts . Money bank; Money bank. Tips On Saving Money How To Save Money Money Saving Hacks Save Money Groceries How To Ask For Money Instead Of Gifts Saving Money Chart Money Saving Challenge Make Money Fast Time Saving. When To Buy Guide … ... More

how to get past level 33 on run 3

11/09/2007 · This should clear up a bit of the math (as well as a general walkthrough) on the game Build-a-Lot. When all else fails, I’m also attaching a bit of a cheat to open up “casual mode” as well as making all the scenarios accessible at the same time. ... More

how to prepare enfamil formula

For example, "Mead Johnson, Enfamil, Enfagrow, Gentlease, ready-to-feed formula (toddler,infant)" contains 1 ?g of vitamin D which can aid in calcium absorption and 7.9 mg of vitamin C which can aid in iron absorption and plays a role in collagen formation. ... More

how to make chocolate sauce without chocolate

No vanilla and no sugar is added just high-quality chocolate with cream, water, and a little butter to give just the right texture and taste. Remember, your sauce is only as good as the chocolate ... More

how to make a key card work again

Windows product keys are not tied to specific discs or images, only to specific versions of Windows (see the question above). In other words, you're welcome to use a friend's retail copy of Windows 8 to reinstall Windows on your computer as long as you use your unique Windows 8 product key. ... More

how to use google play music app

There are other features in the Google Play Music such as the ability to share songs and shop the Google Play store, but this provides an introduction to what you can do with this service. I'm ... More

how to play buses and trains guitar

Free guitar backing track for Buses And Trains by Bachelor Girl in MP3 format. Download it for free. ... More

how to make resin tiles

Pouring the Art Resin & Torching: Now that your tiles and resin are ready, simply pour some Art Resin on each tile. Ideally you should pour some all over the tile to distribute it however it also worked for me by pouring some in the middle of the tile. ... More

how to make crunchy lemon muffins

Lemon Crumb Muffins I love to have the dough for these muffins ready and waiting in the refrigerator when company comes. They bake up in just 20 minutes and taste delicious warm. ... More

how to say raven in other languages

Crow and Raven Names Names that mean crow, raven, blackbird. Crow- and raven-related names. [ Suggest Names for this page ] [ Go to Animal Names] ... More

how to make a homemade bottle cutter

Photo: DIY Maven. Four years ago, I threw out the question: "What is the best bottle cutter on the market?" A lot of readers weighed in. Some gave recommendations for their favorite glass bottle cutter, others just wanted a definitive answer, which is what I wanted. ... More

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how to make cheesy garlic bread sticks

To Make the Bread: Prepare your baking stone or sheet by spreading a small amount of olive oil on it and top with parchment paper. In a medium bowl, stir together 1

how to make girl owl cupcakes

It is easy and fun to make these owl cupcakes with oreo biscuits. It can be made for all fun occasions and birthdays. Myself and my daughter had a lovely time together making these owl cupcakes. Today we will learn how to make Oreo cupcake and Owl cupcake

how to make boondi ka ladoo

Boondi Ladoos gets its name Boondi because of the droplet like texture. Preparing Boondi Ladoo requires expert level cooking skills, taking up to 45 minutes of time. Boondi Ladoos contain Gram Flour, Cardamom, Clover, Cashew nut, Ghee and Sugar. Cardamom, Clover and Cashew nuts increase the flavour and health benefits of this preparation but Gram Flour, Ghee and Sugar make it a high

how to make your own beer bong

What do beer bongs look like and how are they of help to the beer drinker. Well first they have a long but wide straw that can be inserted into the bottle. At this point don't say well all a beer bong is, is a straw because you will be way off the mark. At the top of the beer bong you have a wide fitting cap top. This top has the ability of being designed to fit over any type of beer bottle

how to make a triptych from one photo

Deciding how to crop a single image to create a triptych can be challenging. Should you go for a vertical or horizontal cut, or even a ‘T’ cut to maximise the potential for your three part construction?

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Newfoundland and Labrador: Placentia NL, Leading Tickles NL, Port Kirwan NL, St. John's NL, NL Canada, A1B 8J1

Ontario: Crystal Falls ON, Roche's Point ON, Jaffa ON, Shetland, Nestor Falls ON, Lakeshore ON, Farmington ON, ON Canada, M7A 3L7

Nunavut: Baker Lake NU, Repulse Bay NU, NU Canada, X0A 4H8

England: Keighley ENG, Crawley ENG, Shoreham-by-Sea ENG, Stafford ENG, Doncaster ENG, ENG United Kingdom W1U 6A4

Northern Ireland: Bangor NIR, Derry(Londonderry) NIR, Derry(Londonderry) NIR, Bangor NIR, Belfast NIR, NIR United Kingdom BT2 7H9

Scotland: Kirkcaldy SCO, Glasgow SCO, Aberdeen SCO, Hamilton SCO, Glasgow SCO, SCO United Kingdom EH10 5B6

Wales: Cardiff WAL, Barry WAL, Barry WAL, Neath WAL, Barry WAL, WAL United Kingdom CF24 3D7