how to make an ambulance shaped cake

The cake itself is constructed from four half-sheet cakes. I used a regular cake recipe (red velvet–I thought the color was really appropriate for a fire truck!) in each one, so the cakes were pretty thin. ... More

how to make maude lebowski costume

This costume was worn by one of the dancer's in the Busby Berkeley-inspired "Gutterballs" dream sequence in which a number of dancing "pin girls" surround Maude Lebowski (Julianne Moore), who is dressed as Viking. ... More

how to make a weapon with paper

This tutorial shows you how to make a very safe short sword with a stabbing tip that will pass safety inspection for most games. You'll need filament tape, cloth tape, glues and adhesives, a fiberglass or graphite core and foam coating. ... More

how to make an app clean itself

The setup will once again make sure that you’re ready to install. Step 8: Finally, you will see the Ready to install screen once again, this time with Install button. Click … ... More

how to mive from loving to being in love

Men love to feel like a woman will do something out of her comfort zone for us. In other words, shell ride, no matter what. Its all about the little things that help us keep our heads in the commitment. ... More

how to raise vitamin d levels naturally

Natural ways to increase platelet count include dietary changes, such as eating folate and vitamin C-rich foods and avoiding alcohol. Taking supplements, such as chlorophyll, may also help. Learn ... More

how to make a placket on a shirt

Add placket position on sleeve hem. At 6cm from side seam. Pleats reduce the cuff width. Two x 1cm pleats will reduce cuff width to 19cm Draw cuff as extra to length. Optional to reduce sleeve length before cuff. Measure BACK and FRONT neckline to make the collar. Draw two rectangles for the collar stand and fall. CB SP = back neck Collar fall measurement needs to be Sp CF = front neck ... More

how to make macaroni cheese sauce from scratch

I've always wanted to make mac n cheese from scratch instead of from a box. I came across this recipe and it was great! The cheese sauce was nice and smooth and everyone enjoyed it. Will make again! I came across this recipe and it was great! ... More

how to make a small computer

Item #1: Computer with Microsoft word or an equivalent installed in it for designing the sticker Item #2: It would improve the cutting of the stickers that I make using this process for my small business that I started for the printing of custom stickers. I would also be able to expand my business to a whole new market. This would help me to be able to build many more things that will help ... More

how to make abs light go off

If the ABS light was turned on due to a bad wheel speed sensor, the light usually goes off after the fix. There will be stored codes though. Ask the mechanic to … ... More

how to say good news in spanish

Bad news drives good news out of the media. Lee Loevinger Las malas noticias ahuyentan a las buenas noticias de los medios. Lee Loevinger; For most folks, no news is good news; for the press, good news is not news. ... More

how to open a bottle without a bottle opener

Opening a bottle without the benefit of an opener is something that many aspire to, ideally suffering no chipped teeth. In fact, there are many ways to open a bottle. ... More

how to make it in life

Why can't i make any progress in life? Few month ago i was watching a program on discovery channel about survival in tough environments. The program demonstrated how three people tried to survive when they got lost in certain tough areas in the world. ... More

how to make pork chop gravy from scratch

Slow Cooker Pork Chops with Herb Gravy. Today I could totally go for these slow cooker pork chops and mashed potatoes. And that herb gravy is just the icing on the chop. ... More

word how to make white words easy to rad

Sight Words Fishing. Hook a fish and read the word to keep your catch. Print your own custom fish. More. Sight Words Go Fish . Keep a small group entertained with Go Fish while they learn their sight words. More. Sight Words Memory. Match sight words in this classic card game. More. Sight Words Bean Bag Toss. Throw a bean bag on a flash card and then read the word. Combines sight words ... More

how to make monsters in minecraft

27/11/2014 · The minions are targeting the monsters correctly, but, for some reason, won't actually walk up to the monster and attack them. Also, once in a while the minion will attack the monster, but only do one hit to the mob, and then stop attacking all together, and the monster it hit will stop attacking, too. ... More

how to make siomai dipping sauce

For the mustard in the dipping sauce, Id just use another dipping sauce like a little vinegar in soy sauce, or just soy sauce. The shuumai are flavorful enough so you dont necessarily need dipping sauce. ... More

how to make your room constantly smell good

And natural scents always make a space feel cozy without being overwhelming. If you have friends and family coming over tomorrow why not put a simmering home humidifier on the stove and enjoy the smell all day while you cook? And if there’s no room on the stove here are a few more simple ways to make your house smell amazing – naturally! ... More

how to add new floor plan in revit

Watch video · Many building projects have multiple levels in a plan. Add levels in Revit Architecture 2015 to change the amount of floors you're working with. This online course explains how to configure each level, the options available to change floor levels and how to add more levels to create a complete building plan. ... More

how to plan a birthday party checklist

Planning a party can be a daunting task for even the most seasoned party planning professional. From corporate galas to non-profit events and even birthday and holiday parties, there are several steps that when properly followed, can make party planning a breeze for even the novice party planner. ... More

how to make someone have a bad dream

I have no reason to "make up" not dreaming, there would be no gain from the lie so why put any effort into a no gain lie? I have always wondered why most people not only dream often with a high ... More

how to make your penis smooth

Remember that your girth is the distance around your penis. Your width is your diameter. You should measure your penis twice to make sure you got the right numbers. Your width is your diameter. ... More

how to pay osap online

As of the 2018/19 application year, all OSAP funding will be automatically directed to pay outstanding tuition and fees at Laurier. Late payment fees related to an OSAP payment that is applied directly to your student account will be reversed provided: ... More

how to ride your husband in bed

Having a great time in bed with your man doesn't just happen. Here are various suggestions that could work for a great experience with him. Here are various suggestions that … ... More

how to make an excel spreadsheey for racing grid draws

Create your own Document Control Template If youre interested in making your own Document Control Template from scratch, or if youre a VBA fan, then ... More

how to make a fire survival skills

And if you require an illustration of just how crucial fire-building skills can be in a sub-zero environment, read Jack London's masterful short story To Build a Fire. London's "chilling" (no pun intended) tale of a man in possession of a fair set of survival skills but who made what turned out to be a series of fatal miscalculations, was enough to inspire myself as a child to learn the basics ... More

how to make text fuzzy or unreadable in pdf

16/07/2010 · The text was so fuzzy it was unreadable at the small font size I needed to use. So I went back to the PNG settings, which you see when you ‘save as’ PNG, and fiddled with them a bit. What worked was changing the output resolution to Print (not Screen), with its default 600 pixels/inch setting — that was all I had to change to get much sharper text. ... More

how to make a head wrap out of at shirt

You're beautiful. You're ambitious. You're radiant. And you have no time to waste fussing with your hair. Imagine gorgeous turban style that easily slips on and looks perfect every time - all while protecting your strands from harsh fabrics and over manipulation. ... More

how to make yeast powder at home

How To Soothe A Yeast Infection At Home Fungal Skin Infection White Chalky Powder New Mexico and Fungal Infection On Your Feet Illinois Cure For Vaginal Yeast Infection New Mexico Vaginal Yeast Infection Diagnosis Kentucky Describe Fungal Skin Infection Minnesota A infections is a rather common infection among babes. ... More

minecraft how to make a car no mods

This mod adds a car (an old one), the 313 (Donald Duck's car), a Jeep, a Ferfari (joke with Ferrari), a Blue Car, a Yellow Car, an Old Car and a Van. You can enter and drive every car, and every car has its … ... More

how to make a pretend photo booth for kids

10/01/2018 · The Airport Diary Kids Adventures Photo Booth & Children's Indoor Plane Ride Playground Pretend Play Pilot Thanks for watching our videos and do not forget to subscribe ... More

how to make roman perfume

To make perfume in the days before synthetic compounds were available, perfume designers used some pretty yucky stuff. ... More

how to make a truck driver resume

The resume of a truck driver mostly highlights the physical skills, mental alertness of the driver as well as his expertise in driving the huge vehicle safely. In case you need some guidance, there are readymade professional resume templates online for your help. ... More

how to say sit in spanish

If you want to know how to say sit in Spanish, you will find the translation here. We hope this will help you to understand Spanish better. ... More

how to open a url from a shortcut

23/12/2013 · The only way to "open" it is to long-press a blank area of your home screen and choose to add a shortcut using 'Url Shortcut'. Some new launches hide shortcuts amongst the other widgets. If your launcher has a widgets drawer then you should look in there for a 1x1 Url Shortcut widget. ... More

how to make glitter polish

Buy loose glitter. You can buy this cheaply and in large amounts at a two dollar shop. Buy any colour you like, and you can also add little hearts and stars to the polish to make it look more interesting, or fine glitter for a shimmery look, or chunkier glitter for a more stand outlandish look. ... More

how to make homemade rabbit toys

Don't waste your money on store-bought rabbit toys. Learn how to make easy and cheap toys that will provide hours on entertainment. ... More

how to play assassins creed 3 multiplayer pc

... More

how to make a booking at kira ginza

13/11/2018 · BRANZ BSDでまぐろ解体ショー11/11/2018 acara di BRANZ BSD potong ikan maguro. ... More

how to prepare baby corn soup

Add the sweetcorn and continue to cook for two more minutes. Add the stock, bring to the boil, then reduce the heat to simmer for five minutes, until the potato has cooked through. ... More

how to make a door with passwordf

27/08/2012 · There's still something wrong. I did exactly what you said but the door won't open and just goes to "Else" statement. Let's say my character name is Daichi. ... More

how to talk to make small talk

Loved this! being an introvert and a new mum can really throw you into the deep end as you’re constantly meeting new people and trying to make a network of new mum friends. raising a real human being can be exhausting and involves a lot A LOT of small talk, baby talk, general talk! ... More

how to run c program in windows 10

C:\Users\Your user name\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup Just copy and paste a shortcut in this folder so that the app loads when Windows boots. To remove the application from the Startup folder, delete the appropriate shortcut. ... More

how to make fondant cake icing

Learn how to make marshmallow fondant with simple ingredients for cake decorating. This homemade fondant recipe for cakes is quick, easy and cheap. This homemade fondant recipe for cakes ... More

how to open sunroof in audi a5

Used. AUDI A5 USED SUNROOF MOTOR 8R0 959 591 A . Cant find what you need? Call us on 02 95289606 Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm. ... More

how to make apple butter cream

Like these Apple Butter Snickerdoodles, a spin on the traditional cookie! I first used Musselman’s Apple Butter last year, when I made these bars . Apple butter is a highly concentrated form of applesauce; it’s cooked slow and long so that the sugar in the apples caramelize and turn the sauce a rich, dark brown. ... More

how to put egg in alien containment subnautica

You do not ignore going with a Seaglide or a Seamoth when playing Subnautica game because they will help you rapidly get rid of the anger of parents of the egg that you expect to take. What you can accomplish before you engage in the new journey is to build up an Alien Containment Unit. That item will allow you to lay the egg in. Next, you must wait for it to hatch. That period will last for 2 ... More

how to make your cum taste good

Drinking water everyday can help flush out the toxins from your body that cause your cum to taste bad. Drink at least one liter a day. Drink at least one liter a day. Certain foods have been said to better the taste of semen. ... More

how to make a fake cake for wedding

Connect with local vendors and plan your dream wedding. Advertisement Venues Zoo Knoxville 8656375331 x1415 View their Bride Link Page ... More

how to make chili paste in sri lanka

COLOMBO (Reuters) – Sri Lanka’s parliament descended into chaos for a second day on Friday as lawmakers supporting newly appointed Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa threw books, chili paste and water bottles at the speaker to try to disrupt a second no-confidence motion. ... More

how to say fucking give up in japanese

Need to translate "fuck" to Japanese? Here are 2 ways to say it. ... More

how to make a bending brake

Am re-siding my house and have solved all problems but that of bending aluminum trim. Don't want to buy or rent press brake since long term project and one-time project. Does anyone have plans for a homemade aluminum press brake, or can anyone point me in a promising direction. Would beg, buy, borrow, or steal past edition of Fine Homebuilding if an article with such plans or helpful info were ... More

how to pass your drivers test code 10

12 Tips To Pass Your DMV Behind-the-Wheel Test Its finally happened. Youve studied the rules of the road, gotten your driving permit, taken your behind-the-wheel driving course, and youve had a chance to practice driving a car for real with an adult. ... More

how to make portable air conditioners work better

Ductless air conditioners, also known as a mini-split, are great at cooling large, open spaces. While they are not cheap to purchase, this type of room air conditioner is designed to work much like a central AC unit, qualifying it as one of the best alternatives for homeowners. ... More

how to put text into an avi video

convert mp4 file to text free download - Free Convert to DIVX AVI WMV MP4 MPEG Converter, Excel Convert Numbers To Text Software, Prism Free Video File Converter, and many more programs ... More

how to say actual in spanish

14/02/2013 · Audio and video pronunciation of Cuba brought to you by Pronounce Names (, a website dedicated to helping people pronounce names correctly. ... More

how to make someone with a fever fall asleep

2/01/2019 Ways to Get Your Baby to Sleep and Stay Asleep. Over the years of putting our own children to sleep, keeping them asleep, and counseling thousands of other moms and dads on various styles of nighttime parenting, here are some time-tested, ... More

how to make greek yogurt

Maria Lois Greek Yogurt Recipe. Heat 1 liter of milk to 195 degrees Fahrenheit. You will need a thermometer, but if you do not have one, turn off the heat just ... More

how to make a mandala rock

2/01/2017 This is a great way to create a custom color gradient for your mandala. To do so, select a darkly colored paint that you find especially attractive. For instance, choose a dark purple, maroon, or deep green. Get the same type of paint in white as well. With these two paints alone, you can create a whole gradient with which you can paint a mesmerizing mandala! ... More

how to make light be sinysic with music

The first step in editing your music video is to lay out and line up your takes on different tracks of your timeline. This is where those beeps add extra value and save you a ton of time. Lining up the preroll beeps is a fast easy way to get your tracks in sync quickly. With your tracks synced and stacked, you can mute the reference audio associated with the video you shot, and edit to the ... More

how to make icing figures for easter cake

To make the dots, simply roll out your choice of accent colour of fondant icing. Then use a circle cutter to get perfect circles. You may use additional colours if you like so the spots are multi-coloured. For the ribbon, you can use another accent colour and create a bow to decorate your Easter egg cake with, or you can use some pretty satin ribbon. We suggest creating a fondant icing bow ... More

how to open lock without key of car

Without the use of a key or a lock pick, it used to unlock the automobile doors for Suzuki Swift. It can operate directly on the intersecting rods and levers that control the automobile door. Between the rubber seal and window of your car, you should insert the hook on the top of this tool. And then catch the bars that can easily connect the lock device. ... More

how to read six& 39

Six Brain Hacks To Learn Anything Faster Research proves there are ways to learn new skills and concepts with speed and ease. By Stephanie Vozza 5 minute Read. Whether it’s a new technology ... More

how to make flower girl head wreath

It is a good idea at this stage to take the wire frame we are making and wrap it around your head to measure, as the last thing we want is a Polo-mint sized floral crown, or a rose covered necklace! So make sure it fits ☺ After measuring you can put your frame to the side for now, as we will move on to wiring the flowers. ... More

how to run like b

Yeah, they call me Cardi B I run this shit like cardio Woo, facts [Chorus: Cardi B] Diamond district in the chain, chain (I said I like it like that) Certified, you know I'm gang, gang, gang, gang ... More

how to play yasuo aganst malzahar

31/12/2014 · Welcome to the Forum Archive! Years of conversation fill a tonne of digital pages, and we've kept all of it accessible to browse or copy over. Whether you're looking for reveal articles for older champions, or the first time that Rammus rolled into an "OK" thread, or anything in … ... More

how to read a temperature pressure chart

pressure and temperature. Since gases are compressible fluids, a meter that is measuring gas at two (2) atmospheres will have twice the capacity that it would have if … ... More

how to open chests burn and soul

4/02/2018 · Assess the hand burn. Look at the burned area of the hand to assess the damage. Note the placement of the burn on the hand. Look at the appearance of the burn … ... More

how to make a sympathy card online

7/05/2017 · Project details , click here - To SHOP ONLINE please click - http:/... ... More

how to say angel of darkness in japanese

Angel of Darkness (淫獣教師, Injū Kyōshi?) is a 4 part hentai anime series released in 1994 by Pink Pineapple in Japan. The series focuses on tentacle rape and … ... More

dino run dx how to get all trophies

Dino Run DX. Global Achievements. Global Leaderboards % of all players . Total achievements: 49 You must be logged in to compare these stats to your own 36.4%. Escapee 1 Dino Saved. 33.4%. Bird Brain 10 Birds Devoured. 33.1%. Passenger 2X Dactyl Chain. 32.5%. Contender Complete Medium Challenge. 29.1%. Gross 10 Worms Slurped. 22.8%. Scramble 250 Eggs Saved. 20.8%. Appetizer 100 Runners ... More

how to make a tumblr video meme

Funny Life Memes Lol Memes Funny Friend Memes 9gag Funny Funny Relatable Memes True Memes Funny Quotes Hilarious Spongebob Songs Jokes Forward f is for friends who ditch me all the time u is for u never loved me n is for no one likes me at all here in ten … ... More

how to make scrubs shrink

Make adjustments to the length of the scrub top. Some wearers prefer a longer top because it covers the hipline; others like a shorter length. To move the hem up or down, remove the stitching with a seam ripper or single-edge razor blade, turn up the new hem, mark it with pins and chalk, and decide on the placement of the patch pockets. These important pockets may require repositioning with a ... More

how to make full map on minecraft pc

Some maps rely heavily on particularly complex redstone setups and might take some time to completely make, as a consequence there are not as many game maps developed like this versus the alternative map ... More

how to make skin fair and clear naturally

How to Get Fair Skin Naturally. Cleanse Face for a Clear Skin Cleanse your face well after a long day of work. Do this by using an oil or cream to remove make-up and wash your face with a ... More

how to make origami paper folding

DIY Pull Tab Origami With Pinkie Pie From My Little Pony Letter Folding Origami by Kiwi Show Download ... More

how to make clear ice cubves

CLEAR ICE CUBES. This article, written by the American Ground Water Trust was originally published in THE AMERICAN WELL OWNER, 2000, Number 3] HOW TO MAKE CLEAR ICE CUBES ... More

how to make peach nectar juice

The juice or, more accurately, the purée, must therefore be diluted with water and have sugar added to make it drinkable. The fruit juice content in nectar can vary between 25 and 99 per cent. The fruit juice content in nectar can vary between 25 and 99 per cent. ... More

how to reload play store

By following the step by step procedure given here, you will be able to install the latest version of Google Play store thereby getting the ability to install and use the applications available in Google Play store ... More

how to make paper dinosaur step by step

I want to learn how to draw dinosaurs step by step. What better place to tackle a mission like that, than to visit If you are in the dinosaur section, that means you are in the “Animals” category. Here you will learn how to draw a dinosaur step by step, as well as free drawing lessons on the Tyrannosaurus Rex or T-Rex, a brontosaurus, a triceratops, and even the pterodactyl ... More

how to make a report access 2016

You can also use the Report Wizard to create a report. The Report Wizard provides you with more flexibility than you get by using the Report button. You can choose the tables and fields, group the data, sort the data, summarize the data, choose a layout and orientation, apply a style, and title your report. Follow the steps shown here to create a report by using the Report Wizard: ... More

how to make electricity from water at home easy

A water tank stores the water for heating and a pump circulates the water through the panels. However, a backup water heater might still be necessary to ensure that hot water comes from the tap whether the sun shines or not. ... More

cause im teaching people how to make a game

... More

how to make electromagnetic gloves that attract cans

You want to make sure that you ground yourself AND the object. Just picture if the object happens to have built up 400 units of energy. you touch it from 200 and you and the object are both then at 300 (roughly). Wearing a grounding strap it would bring you, the object both down to full zero. ... More

how to put on a leather guitar strap

24/07/2012 · I recently purchased two very high quality leather guitar straps online from Italia Leather Straps. I received them today to find that they are a few inches too short for my comfort. ... More

how to say good evening in german

Question: How do you say good evening in German? German Greetings: Good evening is a common English greeting that is also used by Germans. Some other greetings that are used in English are 'good ... More

how to make cookie dough easy without icing sugar

Here are my tips to make the best easy sugar cookies recipe this Christmas. You can find the Best (and If you use too much, it will make the dough too try and it will start to fall apart. Try to blend all the dough together to see if the flour will even out for the cookie dough ... More

how to play leg drive in cricket

For a batsman in a cricket match to be given out leg before wicket (LBW) a strict set of rules apply, to do with where the ball has struck the pitch and then hit the batsman’s pad. This figure takes you through all the possibilities. International Game Formats for Cricket . International cricket has a variety of the game for everyone, from the five-day tactical tension of the Test match to ... More

how to make a body bow

25/10/2017 · In the third part of this serie, I make the body of the crossbow and some other parts needed for the final assembly. The general shape of the crossbow is inspired by a crossbow I saw in the video ... More

how to do a lets play

Let the Children Play has branched off to form Let the Babies Play, a Facebook page with a mission to: Shine the light on infants and toddlers as the phenomenal learners, scientists, communicators, relationship builders, intrepid explorers of the world and uniquely individual human beings that we now know them to be. ... More

how to play the joker

Plus, a lot of makeup and eye shadow is required to play Joker, so if they find someone with a similar height and build, the physical appearance wouldn't be that different. ... More

how to make a sparbar

How to Make DIY Spring Art Using Only Buttons. Lifehacks. Decorating ideas. Gorgeous DIY Button Wall Art Made From Old Plates. Decorating ideas. Genius Decorating Ideas for Every Room in Your House ... More

how to make feta scrambled eggs

Most of us have wonderful memories of a quick, delicious summer lunch with eggs and tomatoes scramble, when the family returned tired from the beach. In this recipe, we suggest our favorite version of Kagianas, where we add coarsely chopped onion, dry oregano and feta. ... More

how to make wolves mate in minecraft

Wolves’ appearance will vary depending on the biome they spawn in. Taiga wolves are the classic gray, while forest wolves are light brown. You can also find black and dark brown wolves, but these colors are harder to find than their lighter counterparts. ... More

xenoblade chronicles 2 how to make party focus your target

20/01/2018 Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is a good RPG. At times, its a very good RPG. The increased focus on characterisation and customisation, coupled with a more interesting and strategical combat system, and a few cute nods back to the first game make it a fun little ride and a worthy continuation of the original story. ... More

how to make simple sentances sou d smarter

11/04/2018 Hello everyone, This is akash ..In this video I will show you how you can make a simple large pixel led display at home easily This is very easy & simple to make.... ... More

how to skid an open diff

3/04/2014 · Loosen and remove the bolt that holds the drive shaft to the through shaft on the motor side. Push the u-jount toward the front diff. You will have to swivel it around until you find "the position" and then you will be able to slide the yoke off of the through shaft. ... More

how to produce milk without pregnancy

Abnormal Breast Milk without Pregnancy September 21, 2011 May 19, 2018 jamalos 1382 Views breastmilk , galactorrhea , lactation Galactorrhea, also called hyperlactation, is the production of milk or a milk-like secretion from the breasts. ... More

how to make rainbow colored slime

Important: skip the water in this recipe for making rainbow slime so it will be easier to attach the slime colors together. 2. Youll need to follow the recipe and make 6 batches of the slime. One for each color. Separate them into separate jars before you make your rainbow slime. 3. Line up each color side-by-side. You wont need to use the full batch of each color when lining them up, so ... More

how to make a picture movie with music

At this point, you can export it to a DVD, your computer or the web, using the options in the Finish Movie menu. Or, if you want to really liven up the pictures, add some music to the video. It's quick and easy to … ... More

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how to make chocolate apples at home

Chocolaty Caramel Apples You'll love these easy-to-make caramel apples from our Test Kitchen. They're filled with classic flavor, but capitalize on convenience products to keep things simple.

how to make a filter out of cardboard

Cardboard is an extremely versatile material that is used in many everyday products. It is one of the most easily created and recycled materials making it a …

how to say autism in chinese

Treating Autism with Chinese medicine Let's say, you work on reducing inflammation, but you don't reinforce it with learning and behavioral therapy and all the things they do; you are not taking advantage in the healing process. Herbal therapy, herbs and nutrition, reduce inflammation. Things like Omega 3 fatty acids, fish oil, flaxseed oil are very useful. Specific things that are

how to make your testicles bigger after steroids

The most noticeable and pronounced side effect of testosterone replacement, be it from a perscription, a prohormone, or an Anabolic Androgenic Steroid (AAS), is the shutdown of natural testosterone.

how to make a doodling robot

DOODLING ROBOT-BUILD A Robotic Artist Kids Fun Mechanics Science Kit 4M Toys Nib - $7.72. Mechanical drawing device, robot drawing kit, entertainment. 392210275152

how to open a file in borland c++

Open XML SDK is for .NET. To apply it to C++, you will need to write some mapping code in C++/CLI or C#, which would require more qualification in .NET then writing .NET application.

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England: Southport ENG, Kingston upon Hull(Hull) ENG, Southport ENG, Folkestone ENG, High Wycombe ENG, ENG United Kingdom W1U 1A7

Northern Ireland: Bangor NIR, Newtownabbey NIR, Bangor NIR, Newtownabbey NIR, Derry(Londonderry) NIR, NIR United Kingdom BT2 8H2

Scotland: Dundee SCO, Glasgow SCO, Dundee SCO, Cumbernauld SCO, Edinburgh SCO, SCO United Kingdom EH10 1B1

Wales: Swansea WAL, Cardiff WAL, Cardiff WAL, Swansea WAL, Barry WAL, WAL United Kingdom CF24 3D6