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how to make fabric effect in photoshop

Make a path with that shape at the middle of the working document. Go to Paths tab, select the path created and click on "Load Path as a Selection". Back to Layers tab, select the Fabric ... More

how to make a 3d dinosaurcake

Dinosaur Cake recipe doesn't look too hard to make? Dinosaur Party Ideas That Will Make You Roar via @jeanabeena ... More

how to prepare beans raw

A good estimate for recipes is 1 pound of unshelled beans equals to about 1 cup of shelled beans. This depends, of course, on size. This depends, of course, on size. To shell the beans, bend the tip of the pod and pull down the seam of the pod and unzip the entire pod to reveal the beans inside. ... More

how to make vietnamese cold rolls

To roll: Tuck over each side, then pull the bottom of the roll and roll over the filling, remembering to roll and use your hands to tuck the filling as you go. Repeat … ... More

how to read a knitting pattern chart

This chart is pretty typically of what you see with a pattern with a chart. Now take a look at the image below. This is the same chart showing the direction of knitting for right handed knitters. ... More

how to prepare 0.2 n hcl solution

0.2 N HCl solution means 0.2 equivalents of HCl dissolved in 1 litre of water. Normality = Molarity x n-factor => Molarity =Normality/n-factor=0.2/1=0.2 M ... More

c how to run a method in another class

Trace real requests in detailed flame graphs + monitor your app infrastructure. Free Datadog trial. Adding more information on what you’re trying to achieve to your question description will help. Now that I understand the aim is to call a method in an Activity from a BroadcastReceiver, I can ... More

how to make david jones store card

Country Road items purchased in a David Jones or Myer store are subject to their returns policies and procedures. Online orders made via PayPal may be refunded at any Country Road store to the credit or EFTPOS card of your choice. ... More

how to get to lornars pass from hoelbrak

... More

how to make yourself last longer in bed video

5 Tips To Make Yourself Last Longer January 8, 2018. There’s quite a bit of stigma surrounding a man’s sexual performance. As men, we’re expected to carry quite a bit of weight during the act of sex, and if our guns blast off too soon, for some people, that means game over. While there are certainly other methods to keep stimulating your partner after the unfortunate event of a premature ... More

how to make zebra ears

Five ways to make ringing stop after a concert Listening to loud music at a concert can cause ringing in the ears, which is known as tinnitus. Learn how to stop the ringing and prevent it in the ... More

how to make corn fritters with pancake mix

See more What others are saying "Easy Crispy Corn Fritters: 1 can creamed sweet corn 1 egg 1/2 c. milk 2 1/3 c. Bisquick 1 tsp. salad oil Mix all ingredients and drop batter in hot vegetable oil. ... More

how to make a fast pinewood derby car

General Tips for Making a Fast Car There are many websites that will give you tops and tricks on how to maximize the speed of your car. Always keep in mind, the Northern Star Council's derby rules will be the ones that you need to follow. ... More

how to make barbie doll craft

Doll Craft Videos. Videos on how to make items for dolls. Watch, learn and make. Find many video tutorials for creating for your American Girl or Barbie. ... More

how to make easy sticky white rice

Leaves for Garnish PreparationTo make the yellow rice, soak the sticky rice in warm water, and tumeric and leave for 4-8 hours.Steam the rice until cooked, (approximately 15 minutes).Place the rice Recipe from blog Thai Dessert ... More

how to make videos like jibjab

To create a free account, first go to Once there, click the green "Become a Member" button. You will be asked to... ... More

how to make a good paper plane that glides

23/09/2017 · This tutorial shows you how to make a paper Flying Wing design that can achieve a very good glide ratio, it can really fly very far when trown of a building.\r \r This airplane can fly indoors as wel as outdoors. It is not designed to throw very hard, because this will only cause the plane to make a ... More

dmt how to make the machine

As with other machines, the DataMaster DMT must be properly maintained for it to work properly, and the authorities must log all maintenance procedures. Based on records of the various states using this machine, authorities tend to neglect the importance of keeping a maintenance log. ... More

witcher 3 how to make money after patch

The Witcher 3's last expansion, Blood & Wine, is not kind on Geralt's finances, at least not initially. The cost of moving up to Grandmaster gear is steep, as are the prices on upgrades to your ... More

how to make my room a tumblr room

No matter how much we love a room or our entire house, sooner or later it comes to a point when we get a little bored of the same things. Before you go overboard and start planning a whole redesign, even if you can afford it, consider small changes.It’s easier to start with the areas or corners you like the least or the ones not working with your everyday flow anymore. A little moving around ... More

how to open my facebook account

By linking your My Account profile to your Facebook account, you wont have to remember your My Account username and password in order to use My Account, so long as you remember your Facebook account ... More

how to make a easy loom band charm

Rainbow Loom Bracelets Easy Rainbow Loom Easy Rainbow Loom Charms Rainbow Loom Tutorials Rainbow Loom Patterns Rainbow Loom Bands Rainbow Loom Creations Loom Band Charms Rubber Band Charms Forward This video shows you how to make a milkshake charm on the Rainbow Loom. ... More

how to make simple iced coffee

Stop spending loads of money at the drive-thru when you can make an even better tasting iced coffee at home. Get your morning off to a great start with a quick, easy iced coffee that tastes amazing! ... More

how to put oil in a floor jack

9/05/2014 · What you may be better off to do is to take the bottle jack out (a floor jack is usually just a bottle jack laying sideways in a frame) and replacing it with … ... More

how to say anyone home in korean

(click image for source) If you want to get an apartment in Seoul, you should know about Korea’s housing system. Korea’s housing system may be very different than … ... More

how to make pork katsu

Since I can remember, my favourite Japanese takeaway is Pork Katsu Curry. It consist of steamed round grain rice, crumbed pork (sliced lengthwise), a curry sauce with bits ‘n’ pieces of potatoes and carrots and a very small garnish of red pickled vegetables on top. ... More

how to say timing in armenian

A photograph of Armenian orphans whose parents were killed in the genocide. This is for my grandfather, Vostan, who having never lived to see me in the flesh, has nevertheless taught my mother and in turn myself and my sister the spirit of resilience, endurance, and ... More

how to raise awareness of cultural expression

Global education is a transformative learning process that is very essential in creating and promoting mutual understanding across racial, cultural, religious, political and geographical divides. ... More

how to play ps2 games on psp emulator

5/11/2010 · Install on a PSP and then download PS2 games onto memory stick. It's similar to all the other emulators out there except this is only in beta testing at the moment so there are a few limitations ... More

how to make a site my homepage

Tell us about your experience with our site. A. User Created on August 5, 2015. Set up a homepage in Windows 10 Can I get a menu bar or toolbar or set up a homepage on windows 10? Original title: windows 10. This thread is locked. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread. I have the same question (230) Subscribe Subscribe to RSS feed Question Info ... More

how to make lip balm with olive oil

Lemon balm oil is less potent in taste and smell than the fresh leaves. The oil makes a tasty base for a savory salad dressing to pour over mache or other delicate greens, or … ... More

how to make a longbow and arrow

Making your arrows. I would recommend that you use Mullen or Goldenrod. These are both ideal plants because they have straight limbs that are just about the right thickness for arrows. ... More

how to make sperm whale little alchemy 2

A recent shipment had arrived of new sperm whale oil. Candlemaker and oil merchant Samuel Judd had purchased three barrels of oil, but inspector Maurice claimed Judd owed fines on the oil in accordance with fish oil law. Since Judd had avoided the inspection, he owed the city a $75 fine. But Judd claimed that whales were not fish, and he did not need to pay the fee. When he still refused to ... More

how to make a coofee

You can get your pre-roasted beans from loads of places, many coffee shops, starbucks and clements included, along with your local supermarket. ... More

how to make a shelf in minecraft

How to make a box shelf. Be clever with remaining wall real estate by knocking up an open storage unit. - by. Better Homes and Gardens . 09 Jan 2017 Better Homes and Gardens. This kind of unit is ideal for regularly used items and potted herbs. So easy to build, the 235 x 19mm shelves can display regularly used items or potted herbs. Better Homes and Gardens. Make yours by fixing together with ... More

how to make a tobacco smoking pipe

Pipes allow a safe volume of smoke from combustion of tobacco while cooling it enough to be inhaled by the smoker. Tobaccos for smoking in pipes are often carefully treated & blended and people are generally drawn to pipe smoking for these aromatic blends. ... More

how to make aesthetic boards

3/08/2016 You can make these boards private or public, and can continue to add/ edit/ or delete your board. Here are some novel aesthetics I have started to compile for my current WIP, Thrown to The Blue: As you can see, visual images can really bring your vision to life. ... More

how to play ball toss game

Begin the game with a coin toss. The winning team picks a player to pitch the pallina from a line at one end of the court. Ideally, the pallina should land about 30 feet from the pitch line, or in … ... More

how to make transparent pixels in paint

Tip. It can be helpful to enable the Pixel Grid when using the Pencil Tool. The Pixel Grid is available at a zoom factor above 200% and shows the outline of individual pixels, making per-pixel editing easier. ... More

how to make my computer not sleep mac

PCs may not enter sleep mode when they have a file open over the network. Graphics-intensive screen savers can prevent PCs from entering sleep mode as well, and should be disabled. Graphics-intensive screen savers can prevent PCs from entering sleep mode as well, and should be disabled. ... More

how to make the best salted caramel macarons

Make 1/3 amount of Easy Buttercream Frosting and add 2 tablespoons of Salted Caramel Sauc e (or you can use bought salted caramel sauce). Add extra icing / powdered sugar until it is the consistency you are after (around 1/3 a cup should do it). ... More

how to make baby eat

Foods to eat to conceive a girl all types of beans. Whether we refer to kidney beans, soya or navy beans, to black beans, lentils, red or pinto beans, these foods are a great addition for women trying to get pregnant with a female baby. ... More

how to meet selection criteria in government jobs

The list is compiled from the candidate pool in accordance with the selection criteria for the vacancy, which may cover a range of administrative skills (as listed on … ... More

how to make windows 10 bootable usb using rufus

Create Bootable USB for Windows 10 using Rufus. When we have to create Bootable USB drive for Windows for the time when the system crashes or you have to reboot the system, we search for Windows 10 USB/DVD Download Tool but despite using these tools, users face problems in creating one Bootable USB for Windows 10. ... More

weighted lap pad how to make

I have been looking for a pattern for a weighted lap blanket to no avail. This tutorial is a blessing and just in time for the new school year. Thank you again! This … ... More

how to make dunkin donuts

Interesting Fact: Unlike any famous brand Dunkin Donuts has one amazing thing that at the end of day they give away their donuts for free. If you are a late customer and their store is about to close they will surely give you some extra donuts. ... More

how to make a logo transparent in paint

Once you click on Make Selection a popup box will appear in the middle of your page. The default settings should suffice, so simply go ahead and click on Ok. The parts that you want to appear in the spray should now be selected. ... More

how to make canned food taste good

Canned foods are often thought to be less nutritious than fresh or frozen foods, but research shows that this is not always true. In fact, canning preserves most of a food's nutrients. ... More

how to make a marriage work

So you want to know how to make a marriage work. First, we need to establish goals and collaborate on mutual goals. That is why Gottman’s emphasis on careful clinical assessment has been so significant. ... More

how to open gmail chat on iphone

27/10/2011 Such a function can be handy when you have a non-smartphone (associated with your Google Voice account), an iPod Touch, or an iPad (or an iPhone without a ... More

how to say dumb in armenian

The Bible teaches that uncontrolled anger is harmful, both to the person who harbors it and to those around him. Bible verses can help you deal with anger even when anger is justified. ... More

how to make pozole soup

Easy to Make Mexican Pozole Soup" "I'll have to try this Pozole recipe." "Posole is a dish I've only ever had in New Mexico, although I think it might be a dish from Old Mexico. Lots of variations, but I use pork, hominy and red chile." "would still prefer my nanas pozole but this recipe will do (:" "Easy to Make Mexican Pozole Soup A Cowboy's Wife" See more. Como hacer pozole rojo. Pozole ... More

how to make tomato plants bushy

I have to admit it this article will be a little bit biased because garden fertilizer effects on algae quaking aspen tree fertilizer pansies are one of my favourite of all the flowering annual plants. ... More

how to make sorrel wine at home

I usually use sorrel to make a sauce for lamb. Just shred the sorrel and cook it down in some butter - it will melt in to a smooth puree fairly quickly. ... More

how to play c chord on piano

E.g. in the key of C, instead of playing C E G, you would play G C E. I find on the piano that if you play chords in such inversions that you don't end up moving your hand as much, it can sound nicer, as subtle movements which create a larger harmonic change are often more interesting to the ear. ... More

how to make a medieval sword out of cardboard

Sketch a sword shape on a piece of sturdy cardboard with a pencil. An empty pizza box works well. An empty pizza box works well. Decorate the sword using tempura paints and a paintbrush. ... More

how to make spring potato

Theyre rather easy to make, just a bit tedious to fill and wrap but if you make a bunch at a time and just freeze them, the next time you want a loaded baked potato spring roll, you can just open your freezer and pop them into some hot oil. Oh also, if you ever find yourself in Las Vegas, be sure to visit GLC. ... More

how to play xbox games on android phone

Play Android games with Koplayer on Windows PC The first thing users will notice about Koplayer, is the size of the download. It is over 288MB, so be prepared to for a long download if youre ... More

how to run an application from a command line

15/04/2011 · Well, The ClickOnce solution might not be the way. Parsing parameters is a pain, and can only be done via an URL. So the way to go in this case, is to add a Setup project to the solution and define the install path by yourself. ... More

how to open samsung phone files on mac

An SD card transfer is the easiest way to move files from a Windows Phone to a Mac. If you’re already using an SD card and you have your photos set to automatically save to the card, all you need is a microSD to SD card adapter (which should have come with your microSD card). Remove the card from the phone and pop it in the side of the Mac. ... More

how to make chocolate ripple biscuits

The Choc Ripple Cake is an Australian classic. Made out of a packet of Arnotts Choc Ripple biscuits covered in cream, they are a simple but delicious dessert that have been whipped up over the years for all sorts of occasions. ... More

how to install open sauce

9/03/2015 · You can't use the Open-Sauce F7 menu at all. So if you're not happy with a certain setting in Open-Sauce, just be prepared to open up Notepad++ or any other text editor a lot. So if you're not happy with a certain setting in Open-Sauce, just be prepared to open up Notepad++ or any other text editor a … ... More

how to play ogg files on iphone

29/11/2017 · As per the app’s description, you will be able to play OGG files in Edge and other apps. Those ‘other apps’ don’t include the Movies & TV app, Internet Explorer, or Windows Media Player . Codecs are supposed to work with any app that supports them so it looks as though Microsoft might have released the web media extensions app prematurely. ... More

how to put hair half up with volume

Put your hair half up without a ponytail with help from a 30-year veteran of the salon professional industry in this free video clip. How to Put Your Hair Half Up Without a Ponytail. Part of the series: Hair Styling Techniques. Just because you want to put your hair up doesn't mean that you're going to have to use a standard ponytail. Put your hair half up without a ponytail with help from a ... More

how to train a cow to ride like a horse

Bad Horse Training: Just because someone can train a horse to do something, does not mean that he is a good trainer or that what is trained is good for the horse. I say you can teach a horse to stand on one leg is you use enough drugs, pain or electricity. Horses have a natural fear that is built in, dealing with that fear from a humane position and not from a brutal predator ego position ... More

how to make almond meal orange cake

This is the best Orange and Almond Cake recipe. The first cut slides through the cake like a cloud making an enticing squishy sound. As the first slice is removed, a warm rush of orange-scent is released. My spoon effortlessly carves through the crumb; the first ... More

how to make cracked egg photo prop

The rainbow frosting effect is ridiculously easy! Well, ridiculously easy after youve gone to the trouble of dividing the frosting into 6 different bowls, coloring them separately, and ... More

how to make haddock fish

The Nova Scotia food series continues today with a simple, traditional recipe for Pan-Fried Haddock! Haddock is a beautiful, slightly sweet fish that is light and flaky that goes with almost anything. ... More

how to not care and need someone

If someone is pretending to not care. Let them be. They might be suffering deep down in their hurt. Love them, no matter how they behave. They are going ... More

how to play super mario 64 on gamecube

Super Mario Sunshine plays a lot like Super Mario 64 - but with extra moves, thanks to Mario's backpack water cannon. The controls are wicked, except for having to handle the camera by yourself ... More

how to put on clothes in roblox ipad

Looking for an easy way to get Roblox Dress codes or IDs & IDs for games that let you dress up your character such as RHS (Roblox High School)? We are compiling a list of all the girl dresses for various occasion such as party wear, prom dress, or special festive events such like Christmas party. ... More

how to play super mario sunshine on wii

Sadly, no. The closest to Super Mario Sunshine being on the Wii was the stage and music from the game appeared in Super Smash Brothers Brawl. Even F.L.U.U.D appeared (choose M … ario, start the brawl and do Mario's down special attack). ... More

how to make a picture transparent using

For this Paint.NET tutorial, I'll use this image that I downloaded from Pixabay. Create a selection on the main object of the photo using your favorite selection tool. I will use the Magic Wand tool selection. Please see the tutorial how to ... More

how to play breaking the girl

Breaking the Girls is not the kind of movie where you are going to see RuPaul in short-shorts. Not unless RuPaul's corpse is in short-shorts when they find him floating facedown in a SoCal jacuzzi ... More

how to make personalized mugs at home

17/01/2016 This video I'll show you how create these really cool and simple custom mug designs using porcelain pens and glass etching stencils. Also 160 degrees C ... More

how to play big on piano

The Big Pianocan be used as an educational tool, a popular attraction, or just for having fun! The Big Piano is perfect for your evening party, festival and TV ... More

how to make tf2 lag back stop

1/03/2011 I have an intel graphics card, and I set my game's priority to high on Task manager, lower the settings of detail on the game's options, yet I still lag. ... More

how to make poha recipe in english

Batata poha ( Batata – Potato, Poha – Rice flakes in English, Aloo Poha in Hindi) is a quick breakfast and teatime snacks recipe which is very popular in Gujarat and Maharashtra. Recently I posted ... More

how to make your own symbol in word

vba macros how to create your own excel macros. excel insert symbol in cell learn new things how to auto insert . how to add check mark in a cell with double clicking in excel . checkbox symbol in excel 2010 insert check mark in excel easy . excel formulas. check mark in excel 2010 font 3 ways to add a check mark word . add a greater than symbol in powerpoint 2010. how to insert a tick or a ... More

how to say thats good in italian

19/11/2010 · Bestselling Learn Guitar on Android! ... More

how to make eyelashes thicker without mascara

1/09/2011 · The vaseline acts as a collagen and does not absorb into eyelashes, however it does allow the eyelashes to look fuller, thicker and perhaps longer with the mascara not allowing clumps either. Amber Source(s): Beauty Therapist ... More

how to make a bobsled out of cardboard

So you just had an epic snow storm BUT you don't have a sled! What are you gonna do?! You're gonna make a sled out of cardboard and a garbage bag that's what! ... More

how to make a beach umbrella stay in the sand

The biggest trick to making a beach umbrella practical and useful is getting it to stay in the sand. Manufacturers try to solve this problem in a variety of ways. Some poles have corkscrew ends to better grip the sand. Other umbrellas extend to the ground and come with extra grommets and anchors to keep your beach umbrella in place. ... More

how to make a triangle on scratch

I usually try Triangle Inequality, Lyapunov, Kerry's Statistics, plus a few others on random impulse; if I can't find something that immediately grabs me, I'll fall back to Orbit Traps, which almost always can produce an interesting image with some set of options. ... More

how to make hartleys jelly crystals

It's easy to make, just like any other jelly crystals, by simply adding 500ml of boiling water. Even though it's not obvious from the photo above the glitter was noticeable as soon as I added the water. ... More

how to play smoke on the water basic guitar

7/01/2019 Guitar Lesson Tutorial: Smoke On The Water-Deep Purple More Info: Share on Facebook. Share on Twitter. Share on Google+. Share on Pinterest. Share on LinkedIn. Articles You May Like. 8 Guitar Chords You Must Know Beginner Guitar Lessons. Guitar Lessons for Beginners in 21 days #1 How to play guitar for beginners. Top 5 Things Every Intermediate Guitar Player ... More

how to say grocery shopping in french

French Grocery Stores: A Survival Guide . My French but you would be right to plan grocery shopping at small local shops accordingly. Local bakeries, butcheries and the like will close at end of business, but shops like Monoprix and Carrefour are often open in the cities until 19:00 or 20:00. Most stores close on Sundays entirely, but certain supermarkets are open for a few hours in the ... More

how to make soap with melt and pour base

Im going to walk you through the process of how to make soap without lye through the melt and pour soap method. Making soap can seem intimidating but once you get the hang of it, youll become addicted to making soap yourself. ... More

how to run a chain on a grewenspeed magnum trike

For example the GTR, first produced in 1995, and the similar GTO, still ride and steer better than any other trike produced today, and are prised by owners over and above the later, yet more successful, Greenspeed Magnum trike. ... More

how to make chewy bon bons

Cherry Bon Bons just make your mouth water! - Absolutely delicious. You just won't want to stop eati.. - Absolutely delicious. You just won't want to stop eati.. ... More

how to make youtube stop freezing

Here is the perfect fix for a freezing Windows 10 computer laptop or desktop. Try it and make your Windows 10 PC run like a brand-new system. Try it and make … ... More

how to play anabel goldfrapp

'Annabel', from Goldfrapp's album "Tales of Us", out now on Mute. The unique Tales Of Us film, followed by an exclusive performance of classic songs and selections from the spellbinding new album screened returns to cinemas for a limited time only from March 25th. ... More

how to make an enchantment table in minecraft pocket edition

Use the Enchantment Table in Minecraft Step 4: Create a Forge 1.7.10 Profile How to Make Your Xbox 360 Games Region Free to go all out in 8-pixel attire, then check this DIY Creeper costume guide for instructions on printing out the whole body. ... More

how to make suede look good again

Scrub how to make your ugg boots look new again the entire boot, taking care to put extra time and effort into problem areas or stains. The more time you take on this process, the better your ugg boots will look in the end. Once the boots have been scrubbed and cleaned all … ... More

how to make an american quilt full movie

How To Make An American Quilt full movie online free. Watch How To Make An American Quilt free online on 123Movies. How To Make An American Quilt watch online for free without downloading. ... More

how to make shoes white again

Allow the shoes to dry for two to three hours to get a sense of how the dye has covered the area. Reapply the leather shoe dye according to directions as necessary in … ... More

conan how to make absynthe

She has just about given up on her dream to make it big as a singer until Jackson coaxes her into the spotlight. But even as Ally's career takes off, the personal side of their relationship is breaking down, as Jackson fights an ongoing battle with his own internal demons. ... More

how to make your body not sore

Doing aerobic exercise is the best way to maintain the acid-alkaline equilibrium in your body because it works your muscles and can help reduce the accumulation of acid in your system. When it comes to exercising, make sure to do at least one form of activity each day, whether that is walking, dancing, gardening, swimming, etc. ... More

how to put your sarahah account on instagram bio

To sync Sarahah and Snapchat, just take a photo and tap on the little paperclip icon which appears on the side of your screen. Then, search for "", which will take you to the app's website. ... More

how to open game mode windows creators

How to Turn enable and disable the Game Mode in Windows 10 Click on the "Start" button to get access to the Stat menu. Click on the "Settings" gear icon from the Start menu's far left side pane. As long as you are running on the Creators Update, you'll find a new button available called "Gaming" that gives you access to the Game bar and other goodies. Click on that option. Click on "Game Mode ... More

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how to make your own calendar online

Make one to display with your other holiday decorations, Make this Advent calendar of muslin bags filled with treats and drape a garland of felt leaves along its frame. Get the tutorial. SHOP MUSLIN BAGS. 22 of 40. Courtesy of At the Picket Fence. Mason Jars Rather than the typical 25-day calendar, blogger Vanessa decided to use five Mason jars to represent the four Sundays leading up to

how to make vegetarian pastry

Method. Sift the flour and icing sugar into a large bowl and add the soya margarine. Use your fingertips to rub the fat into the flour until you have a mixture that resembles coarse breadcrumbs

how to make chocolate oatmeal cookies

No-Bake chocolate oatmeal cookies with peanut butter is a favorite recipe, one that nearly everyone loves. The recipe is quick and easy to prepare, great to take to a cookie exchange or give as a gift, but if you're planning to give them away, be sure to make an extra batch for your own family; as

how to make night vision camera with a cell phone

Night vision equipment, such as binoculars, cameras and monoculars, operate by converting ambient light photons into electrons which can be amplified through a chemical and electrical process then converted into visible light.

how to make red bull italian soda

Setting up an Italian soda bar is a fresh, fruity alternative to the traditional party beverages. Cheryl Sousan shows how easy it is to create this big impact, little effort idea.

how to open an application

Branch is a mobile linking platform providing unified mobile experiences and measurement for more than 50,000 mobile apps, including Airbnb, Ticketmaster, Reddit, Tinder and Amazon.

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